Job satisfaction

The Army is asking more of soldiers than ever before, according to the sergeant major of the Army, but a recent survey shows that, by most measures, job satisfaction is actually on the rise in the ranks.

The annual Army Assessment, which is a survey that’s sent to officers and enlisted soldiers across the force, shows an uptick in satisfaction in most categories, Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey told Army Times on Sept. 27.

“Job satisfaction, trust in leaders, care of soldiers and families, increased satisfaction with job security,” Dailey said. “Support and concern for soldiers and families, trending up. Predictability in current Army environment, although it’s heavy, it’s predictable.”

The average soldier could be deployed anywhere from Europe to Afghanistan to South Korea in the coming years, but the Army is doing its best to give them as much warning as possible, Dailey said.

“We have it programmed out in great detail for the future,” he said. “So brigades know they’re going to Germany, they know they’re going to Korea, they know they’re going to Kuwait, they know they’re going.”

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