Ground Defense

Starting September 9, 20221 year
Starting September 9, 20221 year

An Air Force Ground Defence Officer’s primary duty is to defend Air Force airfields, assets and personnel from ground attack. Training will reflect both your peace and wartime role in security operations. Your major operational role within a Security Forces Squadron will be on deployed operations. The major focus for GRDEF members posted outside of the operational environment is the effective training of Air Force personnel in core military skills.

You will need to be physically fit to carry out your duties as a Ground Defence Officer (GRDEF) and therefore will need to maintain an appropriate level of physical fitness. There is also a regular requirement to travel which can lead to unique experiences and opportunities within Australia and abroad.

On graduation from training, an Air Force Ground Defence Officer will normally command a Rifle Flight in a Security Forces Squadron. You will be responsible for commanding and leading the 30 personnel in the Rifle Flight who are specialists in the ground defence of airfields and other security tasks.

After the first posting, a Ground Defence Officer’s duties will change from leading a Rifle Flight in the field to training and organising. Postings may include

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